photo dominique massonMaurice Coutot founded the Chamber in 1947 with the main aim of bringing genealogists together.

Sixty-four years later, the world has changed offering up new challenges:

The introduction of consumer law has strengthened the need to create a real link with heirs.

Personal data protection regulations have led to many restrictions requiring special dispensation to access documents.

Recent legislative reforms in family law have shaken up routine practice.

The definition of reciprocal obligations between Genealogists and Notaries Public has strengthened the rigorous nature required in carrying out our profession.

The appearance of the insurer as a recurrent intermediary has made carrying out an heir’s proxy as tricky as an assault course.

In this new context, collegiality is not enough: the chamber must be in tune with individuals who are looking for information or conflict mediation; it must also set up special dialogues with all stakeholders such as administrations, public authorities, notaries and insurers.

This is a huge programme highlighting the need for a wide selection of activities to be undertaken in coming years.