The chamber since 1947




Since its foundation in 1947, the profession not being regulated at the time, the CHAMBRE DES GENEALOGISTES SUCCESSORAUX DE FRANCE (Chamber of Probate Genealogist of France) has always aimed to provide professional ethical rules.

It forbids its members from performing any other activity than that of searching for heirs, in accordance with the authorisation given to members by State Public Prosecutors.

It is the only organisation to have obtained several circulars from the Ministry of Justice and the French Archives Directorate to aid Probate Genealogist searches.

It requested and obtained approval for practising ancillary law, published in the decrees dated 19th December 2000 and 1st December 2003.

On 31st December 2000, it obtained an amendment to article L. 106 of the tax procedures guide (French legislation) allowing Probate Genealogists to obtain a copy of the necessary declarations of estate for establishing devolutions of estate.

It introduced professional liability insurance and a financial guarantee for the entire profession in 2004.

Its members approved the Good Conduct Code established by the High Council of Notaries Public in 2004, followed by the Genealogists-Notaries partnership agreement in 2008.

It set out a professional ethics code adopted in 1994.

It has always been the privileged intermediary for public powers and, subsequently, was the driving force behind the adoption of article 36 in the law dated 23rd June 2006 concerning inheritance reform in France.

The CHAMBRE DES GENEALOGISTES SUCCESSORAUX DE FRANCE (Chamber of Probate Genealogists of France) requires its new members to have passed a three-year higher theory course and practised professionally for three years, and performs checks prior to admitting every new member.

It continues to accept any applicant who agrees to comply with the rules set out in the ethics code and fulfil its criteria.

All Probate Genealogists who are members of the CHAMBRE DES GENEALOGISTES SUCCESSORAUX DE FRANCE (Chamber of Probate Genealogists of France) must have their annual accounts certified by an expert accountant or Auditor.

They must prove that they hold monies due to heirs in an account opened for this purpose.